WhatsApp adding a new Sticker search option to its platform

WhatsApp is adding a whole set of features for the users that is going to make a lot of things easier, especially the search feature. As per the details, WhatsApp has launched a new beta version of the app that will make it easier for the users to search for relevant stickers and use them in the conversation. The feature will come with a search bar where you can search out of the large sticker collection. Also, the beta version will provide you distinct tabs that will categorize the stickers based on emotions such as happy, excited, sad, and a lot more. 

Some similarities can also be found on Facebook as well. The version will be beta for Android and it brings a new lens button which will be placed next to emoji, GIF, and sticker shortcuts. Along with the search bar, it will also show all your sticker categories to directly select them. You can also use the search bar to simply search for it using the text. For now, the feature is not permanent and will only show a few times while looking for stickers. If you want, you can download the latest beta version of the app and have a look at this feature. 

This year has been really great for the app in terms of adding new technology and features. Since communication apps are currently at boom due to pandemic, it seems to be the right time for WhatsApp to add new features to it, making it a much easier and better app to use. Also, the company will be taking in a lot of features from Facebook and Messenger, where it will be connected to the Facebook platform directly.


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