WhatsApp is about to roll out Face Unlock and Fingerprint security unlock for the app.

WhatsApp has just released one of its most awaited feature of “Always Mute” allowing the users to mute the group or user forever, instead of a certified period of time, however, along with this, the company is also gearing up to roll out another feature for the app, that has been in development for a long time. The new features are a face unlock security option for WhatsApp. As per the details, WhatsApp has already submitted the update through the Google Play Beta program and has a fingerprint biometric security option for Android users as well. 

While the company has not disclosed any kind of official state for the same, we can expect the update to be soon rolled out globally. The feature will not be app-centric, but device-centric, which will only work if your phone supports both fingerprints and face unlock feature. The feature is completely different from WhatsApp pin and will be very useful in cases where the WhatsApp profile is activated on another phone. 

Biometric and Face unlock is one feature that Facebook has already announced for all their apps. It is why the security feature will be made a part of the apps, now allowing anyone to open the chats through any means. While the security feature will be added to WhatsApp, there are a lot of other features as well, which will soon be installed through an update. We hope that we can also get the fingerprint feature for security for iOS devices as well.

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