Zoom is coming on Google Nest, Amazon Echo, and Facebook Portal smart displays in September this year.

Zoom in one of the most popular videos calling platforms when it comes to communicating with multiple people at one time. It is one of the major apps that is used by educators and professionals to do a conference of video meetings with multiple people at once. The use of Zoom has increased a lot over the last few months as social distancing in the pandemic situation has left people with no choice, but to communicate using apps like Zoom.

Zoom is now trying to expand its reach to new devices which will be available later this year. The company has announced that it will be integrating with Amazon Echo Show, Facebook Portal, and Google Nest Hub Max. This is one of the biggest expansion of Zoom and they have been trying to branch out their licensed video conferencing hardware and smart displays, which have inbuilt high-quality directional microphones and built-in touchscreen. Zoom has recently been facing some tough competition by Facebook and Google Meet, which is trying to add the maximum number of users to the video calling feature and provide the same quality of video conferencing like Zoom.

Due to this, Zoom has been trying to expand its reach on multiple devices so that it can increase its number of users. The rollout has been planned for September and will be added to the devices in stages, one by one. All the famous platforms will be using their own apps, which will be integrated with Zoom so that it can be used as one of their features.


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