A lot of new features are coming to WhatsApp

The last few weeks have been busy for the Facebook-owned WhatsApp app, as it has been rolling out a couple of new features for its messaging application. All these features were in development for a long time. While some are still in the testing stage, some have been fully developed. The new features that will be added to the platform included multi-device support, advanced search mode, expiring messages, search the web, share chat support, and a lot more. In case you have missed any detail on the upcoming feature, then here is a list of all, which will soon be a part of the app on your phone.

Multi-Device Support: The new multi-device support feature will allow the user to login to the same WhatsApp account through multiple devices, 5 in total, to be exact. You can log in to the same WhatsApp account through phone, tablet, laptop, computer, and more. The feature would also allow the user to sync up chat history in all the devices at once. 

Expiring messages: This new feature will remove the messages from your WhatsApp history after a certain amount of days. For example, if you set the counter to 7 days in the settings, then the messages that are older than seven days will automatically be removed. The feature will not remove your images or screenshots.

Search the Web: This feature allows you to search any information on the browser you have received through WhatsApp message forwarding. It is a great feature to verify if the message received by you is a fact or a rumor. The feature will also allow you to search the images on the web by directly uploading them to the browser.

Advance Search Mode: The advanced search mode allows you to search for a particular chat or overall app with filters like Pictures, videos, files, links, documents, etc.

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