Android phones will now alert you before earthquakes happen

Google has been adding a lot of new features to its Android operating system lately and new features are already in development for the future. However, the recent update on a new feature is really something that could save people’s life. The new feature as per Google has been developed to alert Android users about an earthquake before it takes place. So how does it actually work? Google says that the new feature will turn their existing smartphones into a mini seismometer. The company said that they will keep working on this feature to improve the prediction of earthquakes and inform the users about it even before it occurs. 

The feature will definitely help to save a lot of life and will help people keep themselves and their families prepared and safe beforehand. The feature will be initially rolled out in California, where it will be tested on various aspects. Once the app is ready, the global rollout will be made. The company said that they have made an association with the United States Geological Survey and California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, so that earthquake alerts can be sent to the Android device of the residents. The technology will be powered by “ShaleAlert” which used more than 700 seismometers installed all over the state. 

Google mentioned that the tiny accelerometers in all the Android smartphones can easily detect or sense signals and indicate the earthquake might be happening. The server will combine the same information if any from multiple smartphones and notify other Android users in the state. They have also said that they will continue to work on how the detection rate can be improved and they will also prepare resources to educate people on how they can save themselves in such conditions. The company is really excited to see the results for the same in California.

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