Apple AirTags are used by thieves to steal cars

Apple AirTags was launched a couple of months back where these small Bluetooth-enabled devices could be used to track almost anything. These were great devices to keep a track of your keys and other valuable things in the house. It could also be used in Wallets, or to find any other types of possession. However, as per a recent case in Canada, it has been found that robbers and thieves are using Apple AirTags to steal cars as well.

The surprising case reported that thieves are using Apple AirTags to track the vehicle to the owner’s house and then steal the cars from that location. As per the police department, since the AirTags can be easily hidden in cars due to their small size, robbers and thieves use them to track and steal high-end cars. As per the reports, the AirTags were hidden in out-of-sight areas in the cars when they were in any public parking and were then tracked to the victim’s residence.

Once at the location, screwdrivers were used to get in the car and using electronic devices, the car was reprogrammed through the dashboard to accept new keys. As per the police department, the users should be vigilant about any kind of tracking device they find on the car and should report it immediately. Also, the car owners are suggested to use a steering wheel lock and install security cameras. Also, it is suggested that the cars should be parked inside the garage rather than the driveway.


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