Ahead of the iPhone 12 launch, iPhone 13 details hit the web.

While everyone is expecting more and more details about the iPhone 12 and other variants, it seems that iPhone 12 news is already in the air. Yes, you heard it right. Just recently, the details of the iPhone 13 have hit the web and it seems to be too much to handle. The iPhone 12 series has not been launched yet and the details of the iPhone 13 have already started leaking out. The next-gen iPhone specs, which people speculate to be iPhone 13 was provided by analyst Ross Young. 

The list of the iPhone 13 device shows multiple variants like iPhone 12. It shows a new 6.7 inch “Pro Max” model, 6.1 inches “Pro” model, a 6.1-inch non-pro model, and a 5.4-inch mini model, which can be the iPhone 13 mini model. Although the information comes from a good source, it is hard to believe the iPhone 13 details are already confirmed even before the release of the iPhone 12. Although there is no official confirmation on iPhone 13 and the variants listed above, it still brings doubt in the mind of consumers as to why iPhone 12 and 13 almost look identical. 

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Also, details came in that the screen for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro will get the screen delivered by LG and BOE. The display for a 5.4 inch iPhone 13 mini model will be provided by Samsung and LG. Although these features are a long shot and are believed to change a lot over the time of next year. For now, people are expecting the iPhone 12 model to launch.

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