Apple releases a new update for iPhone 11 green tint issue

Apple released a new update for the iPhone last month, which had a lot of new features and optimization for the existing one. The iOS update 13.6 brought in a digital car key feature and a lot more. Now Apple has released a new update iOS 13.6.1 which addresses a lot of old issues in the iPhone such as storage space issue, notifications, etc. However, the latest update also brings the resolution to the green tint issue that emerged in iPhone 11.

As per users, the iPhone screen had a green tint when used in the a dark environment. The updates noted have mentioned a thermal management issue, which is the reason behind the green tint issue. As per details, the issue will b permanently be taken care of in the iOS 14 update. Currently, the iOS 14 is available to users in the beta stage where many such issues are being handled and optimized as per users’ experience. Apart from the green tint issue, the company is also trying to cover all the other problems that users face in the iPhone 11.

As per Apple, iPhone 11 does have rare issues as almost all of them have already been taken care of through updates. Remaining issues will be resolved through updates but they will be completely removed and optimized in the iOS 14 updates. The new update for the green tint issue is now available and can be downloaded on your iPhone device.


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