Fitbit releases two new watches with the Google Assistant feature.

Recently, Fitbit confirmed that they will be bringing the new ECG feature on their smartwatch after the approval from FDA, which seemed to be a great feature for the brand. The company has now announced that they will be launching two new watch variant, which will feature Google Assitant as well. Although Google has been facing a lot of regulatory issues and hurdles for the acquisition of the company Fitbit, Google has been trying to figure out a way through which they could become a part of the FitBit brand. 

The company will be launching two new smartwatches called the Fitbit Versa 3 and the new Fitbit Sense. Both the watches have been launched by the company and are up for pre-order on their website. The company has confirmed that the shipping will begin on September 25. The smart assistant from Google will allow the users to simply reply to text and instant message through voice commands on the watch and will also let them check the weather, set reminders, create calendar events, set timers, set alarms, etc. 

The Fitbit Versa 3 has been priced at $229.95 and the Fitbit Sense at $329.95. This add-on feature will provide a great step on for Google to bring Fitbit on its platform. Fitbit is already a great brand to wear with a lot of functionalities and ease of use. Now with the integration of Google Assitant, using the watch has become much easier and smoother for the users.

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