Google is rolling out a new SMS Categories Feature for Android devices.

Google has been adding a lot of new features on their own apps that are found on the Android operating system. In the same event, the company is now rolling out new features in the Messages app as well. The new feature will allow the device to categorize the message accordingly into various categories. The feature was spotted a month back while the tech giant was testing the feature on multiple Android devices. Now, after a month of testing, the Android users have started reporting to having the feature on their phones.

Various categories that will be provided are personal, transactions, OTP (one-time passwords), offers, and more. Although, the user will have complete control of the feature and will have the option to switch off and on the feature from the settings menu on the Google Messages app. The feature has already been rolled out and will be received by all Android users soon enough. The users will also be able to change the category once it has been assigned to a message and will offer customization. U

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Users can also share the message and category change update with Google so that the feature can improve its categorization. Once the feature is active, users will be able to reduce the clutter of messages from their inbox and it will also be very helpful to find a specific message. To check if the update is available for you, you can simply visit the Google Play Store and check if an update is available.

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