Google Search results now show authoritative info on COVID-19 Vaccines

When it comes to searching for anything online, the first preference for almost everyone is Google. It is why it is one of the most used and popular search engines on the internet. Google has been updating the search engine with almost every possible and latest information you can think of and during the pandemic, it has left no stones unturned to answer questions and queries regarding Covid-19. Google has now decided to add another layer of information related to Covid-19 on its platform. 

We all know that global pharmaceutical companies have been trying to develop a Covid-19 vaccine and many of them have even got closer to getting almost 90-95% positive results. Now, when you search Google for Covid-19 vaccines, it will provide you with a list of authorized vaccines and the closest location to the user where they can find information on vaccines as well. The feature will first be rolled out in the UK which was confirmed by Google in the blog post. In the future, it will feature in more countries as other health authorities start authorizing COVID-19 vaccines. 

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When searched on Google in the UK, people did get a new info panel with top stories on COVID-19 vaccines, answers to common questions, and a list of resources. Google will also provide $1.5 million to fund the creation of a COVID-19 Vaccine Media Hub, apart from $6.5 million given in support for COVID-19 related fact-checking initiatives. The company has also been trying to remove any misleading content about the vaccines from their platforms like Google.


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