Instagram adds a new anti-bullying feature to its platform.

Instagram has recently introduced a new feature on the National Bullying Prevention Month. The new anti-bullying feature would help you to hide potentially offensive comments and expand nudge warnings. Instagram explained about the new feature and mentioned that the feature automatically hides comments similar to others that have been reported by the user. One can also see the comments by tapping on “View Hidden comments” Instagram has made sure that people who try to bully the Instagram users with comments on physical appearance, sexual preference, and other details, can simply be removed from the platform. 

The new feature will make sure that the Instagram machine learning algorithm is automatically able to detect any such abusive comments, based on the past reported comments and automatically remove it in real-time. This is also a useful feature when people, even after repeated warning, attempt to post similar comments that might hurt someone else’s sentiments. Another feature that Instagram has added to its platform is the “Stories Map” which is actually a private map that only you will be able to see and it has a private map and calendar of stories people shared in the last three years. 

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It would allow the users to look back and enjoy all their favorite moments, and even download or share them. In the future, Instagram users will also see changes in the tabs for Reels, shopping, and some really big improvements to messaging. The company is already focused on building new features which will make Instagram a better place to share your memories.

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