iPhone 11 production starts in Southern India

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in India. However, the only drawback faced in the Indian market is the higher price tag due to the lack of a local production plant in India. Apple had been trying to set up a production plant in India for a long time as it would lower the price for the phone and increase the sales.

At last, the company has set up a production plant in southern India, where Foxconn is assembling iPhone 11 models. The step has also been taken to diversify the production of iPhones outside of China. Making iPhones in India would decrease the price of the handset by a lot and help Apple gain over 20% of import duties. 

The iPhone 11 models made in India have started hitting the retail store shelves, and the price of the iPhone is soon expected to drop in India due to it. Apple has also been considering the Indian made iPhone 11 models for export as the price of production in India is less. Although Foxconn has not released any details about the production volume for iPhone 11, we can expect that it will be increasing gradually over time, and we will see many more Apple production plants in the future.

There have also been rumors about Pegatron, who is the iPhone’s assembly partner, to open an Indian plant for manufacturing cost-effective iPhone SE. Apple is also working with local contractors and other industries to get more parts through local businesses.

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