MagSafe Charger from Apple can also work on Samsung devices and a lot more.

MagSafe is undoubtedly one of the most highlighted features in the iPhone 12 series and it brings a lot of new innovation and features which can be based on how Apple uses the accessories in the future. Many companies apart from Apple are already offering users with MagSafe cases and accessories. The mechanism of the MagSafe charging is simply based on the ring of magnets that are attached to the rear of the iPhone. Due to this, it will be able to stick the wallet, cases, wireless charging pads, and docking stations to the iPhone. 

The MagSafe features were said to be exclusive for Apple phones, however, the feature is now visible working in non-Apple phones as well. Since the wireless charging MagSafe charger works on the magnets in the iPhone 12 series, the same was noticed in Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 as well. It seems that the Samsung phone uses Magnet to close the flap of the phone and keep it together. Due to this, the Magsafe charger automatically connects to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and starts charging the phone. 

However, when the charger connects to the iPhone, you can be assured that it won’t come off, but Samsung will with a little shake. The max charging speed that the MagSafe charger can provide to the Apple phones is at 15W and what was observed on the Samsung phone was only half of it. The same was also tried on Google Pixel 5 and it was able to hold on to the MagSafe charger. It would be interesting to see which other phones stay compatible with the MagSafe charger.


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