Microsoft’s Your Phone app to get a new Settings page and dedicated Contact list page.

Microsoft is working on new features and improvement on its collaboration tools, as users have been using these tools extensively for work from home purposes. Due to this Microsoft wants users to keep using their tools by making them more interactive and feature-rich. The tech giant has now introduced a new feature to their Your Phone app, which would help the users to make calls, send messages, and run the Your Phone apps on Windows 10 PC. 

The two new features that we can possibly see in the near future will be a redesigned Settings Page with a dedicated page for contacts on your phone. The UI design for the Settings page will be completely changed, which will make it look more cleaner and organized. The change in the feature will also change the way you used the app to call a person. Earlier, Your phone app only allowed the user to call from the call history. However, with the new feature, the user will be able to call up anyone in their contact list. 

There is no confirmation on when the feature will be made available for the users as it is still in development and might take some time before the testing is complete. However, the user can install the Your Phone app on Android and Windows PC to check out all the other interesting features. Other than these features, we can expect Microsoft to launch many new features to the platform which can make collaborative tools more engaging.

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