Netflix has a new option to control playback speed

Netflix has been one of the most effective streaming services globally. The company is trying to add new features to the platform to gain new customers. In the very attempt, Netflix has been trying to integrate with various other platforms to increase its customer base. Recently, a new feature was discovered in the Netflix platform, allowing the viewers to view the content at a slow and faster playback speed. The viewer can play the content with up to 0.5 times slower speed or 1.5 times faster. These new playback controls are available on the Netflix app for tablets and mobile.

The feature will allow all mobile devices with the Android operating system to use this feature. The feature will be available for online viewing and can also be used on the downloaded or offline content in the app. The users must opt-in to use the payback speed features with every single title they will be watching.

The feature will not be activated by default whenever you play a title. The feature faced some serious backlash from the Hollywood community, where they were against this feature as it changes the way the content was created and presented. However, Netflix has finally decided to roll out the feature in their application.

The feature development is complete and will be rolled out globally tomorrow. Therefore, as soon as you update your application, the feature will be activated. Netflix is also trying out many new features that will be launched for the app in the future. The features will be focused on improving the quality of audio and video, improvements in streaming, and much more. Netflix has been continuously working with the community to get new ideas from a user perspective to know what features will be better and expected from the app.


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