Netflix added to Google Nest platform

Netflix has been expanding its domain and try to reach as many users as possible. To do that, it is now available to stream to Google’s Nest Hub and its Nest Hub Max. It is a great feature for users who already own a Google Home Setup, as they can connect their device to it or the Google Assistant app for viewing content from Netflix.

To promote this and many other new features, Google promotes a discount on its Google Home products. Currently, Google nest is already streaming from video services like Hulu, CBS, Disney+, and much more. The addition of Netflix to the platform will add many users as Netflix is already one of the most subscribed video streaming services.

Google Nest provides the user with paid services where the users cannot only access the video streaming services but also many other streaming services are also available. Both Netflix and Google Nest has been trying to expand its domain from the last couple of years. Netflix has been trying to integrate with as many platforms to provide a Netflix presence on every device.

Products like Android TV or Amazon Fire TV sticks etc can always be found with Netflix as an integrated service. Adding itself to the Google Nest platform will surely benefit the company as Google Nest has many users and increases. Simultaneously, Google is also trying to add more features to Google Nest paid subscription to increase the number of users by providing multiple services on one platform.


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