The new M1 chipset from Apple gives a much better and faster performance than the Intel Core i9 chipset on laptops.

With the Apple event on November 10, the company finally brought its new M1 chipset into the market which will be powering up their new lineup of Macbooks. This brings the ARM architecture to the Mac with improved performance and energy efficiency. While the company claims that the new M1 chipset can provide much more power and performance than the Intel-based Macbook, a benchmark test reveals that Macbook Air with the new M1 chipset can easily beat the Macbook Pro 16-inch model with Intel processors. 

The results do seem to surprise all as the new M1 chipset can easily beat down any Intel-powered machine in this sense. As per the analysis that was done by other tech experts the new M1 chipset could have the potential to become the fastest laptop CPU in the market. Also, MacBook Air with M1 chip scored 1687 in single-core and 7433 in multi-core tests. When you compare it with Intel, the higher-end 16-inch MacBook Pro model with an Intel Core i9 processor scores 1096 single-core and 6870 multi-core. 

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This shows that the performance of the M1 chipset is much more powerful than the Core i9 chipset from Intel. Also, the M1 chipset has a base frequency of 3.2 GHz while the Core i9 has a 2.3 GHz base frequency with a turbo boost to 4.8GHz. The new M1 chipset will be updated for all the Mac models this week, which would include the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini. However, the performance from the first-ever M1 chip does show a great future for Apple chip powered Macbooks.


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