OnePlus Nord will be launched using an AR-style event

Mobile users have been eagerly waiting for the new OnePlus Nord device, which is one of the company’s first budget-oriented devices. There have been many leaks about the looks and specs of the mobile phone. However, the company is now coming out with a unique and different way of releasing it in public. OnePlus is bringing out the world’s first AR launch in which the users will not just be able to watch the launch, but will also be able to spend virtual time with the smartphone. Mobile companies are avoiding any public gathering to launch their devices and are using the digital medium to launch their products. 

OnePlus has gone one step ahead and has offered a unique way to launch and experience their product. The AR launch of the device has started making a lot of noise even before its launch. The device was already popular for being a device with high-end features like premium smartphones and being lighter on the price tag. A lot has already been leaked about the smartphone in terms of specs, and the tech it will bring in the affordable price bracket. OnePlus Nord will be the most affordable device, yet; the company has developed that. OnePlus has been known for providing a premium quality experience to its users and integrating new experiences in their smartphone devices. 

They have now extended this experience to the launch events and have started a new way of launching the events virtually, which can be seen as something other companies will surely adopt in the future. The smartphone will be launched on July 21 at 7:30 pm IST, and only those who grab the invite for the event will view the AR launch event. The user also needs to download the OnePlus Nord AR app and use the accept and scan feature to attend the event along with the invite.

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