OnePlus watch launch has been delayed imminently.

OnePlus has just released their OnePlus N10 5G and N100 smartphones in the market, which is the part of the Nord series. Along with the smartphones, the fans of OnePlus also expected the company to release a new smartphone which has been rumored for a long time now. However, no other product was introduced by the company. The one most expected product was the OnePlus smartwatch which has been in development for a long while now. A lot of leaks about the watch design and features have already been leaked, but there is still no confirmed date as to when it will be announced or launched. 

Rumors were at the peak, stating that the company will be announcing the watch with the smartphones, but the appearance, the company has delayed the launch of the device. As per the details, the launch of the smartwatch has been delayed indefinitely. While the original launch date for the smartwatch was decided to be in the month of October 2020, it is now confirmed that the launch has been moved forward without any specific date and time.  While there have been many launches this month by OnePlus, it could have been the perfect time for the company to launch its smartwatch. 

However, the delay in introducing it does create confusion in OnePlus fan’s minds, whether the company is ready with the product or are unable to develop a smartwatch, something other companies have been able to work on successfully. Now, the expected launch date from many experts suggests that the watch will launch alongside the OnePlus 9 in the month of March next year.

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