Indian streamers using PUBG Korean version will soon be penalized

When it comes to streaming of live gaming sessions, India had a lot of users who were streaming live gameplay of PUBG. However, after the ban of the game, they were not allowed to play the game and stream it at the same time. However, despite the ban of the game in the Indian market, many players are still playing it and also playing the foreign versions including Korea (KR). Indian YouTubers are using the VPN services and live streaming or uploading the videos of PUBG Mobile KR to earn money. However, all the video streamers doing so will be heavily penalized by the government. 

One of the bloggers recently sent a letter to such gamers who were streaming PUBG even after the ban. The letter tells them about the consequences they will have to face if they keep breaking the law. In return, the reply from the gamers was the requirement of “text from the government, explicitly saying that the PUBG Mobile KR (Korean) version of the game is banned.” As per the statement given from, “Many have been breaking the law and playing the Korean or global versions of the game, using a virtual private network (VPN) service

Though many of them will not be caught, as a VPN service masks your IP and masks the incoming data packets with an encryption layer. However, many streamers tournament organizers and esports organizations can face penalties as they have been putting out content for the banned game.” The undivided attention of the users on the game makes it one of the most downloaded in the Indian market. Even after the ban, the country is seeing a large number of downloads for the global version of the game.


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