PUBG is going to make an announcement on November 24

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the launch of PUBG in the Indian app market after the game has been long banned from other Chinese apps. A couple of days back, the level of excitement for fans rose to a new level when players spotted an APK and Google Play Store link on the official website. However, both the links are currently not working at the moment. Although the links were not working, it did provide the details that the company is making the necessary preparation, which means that the game is almost ready for the launch. 

Although there is no official confirmation as to when it will happen, there are details about a predated announcement that will be taking place on November 24. The details for the same can be found on PUBG Mobile India’s Facebook page. It did raise speculation that the company will be testing the bandwidth before the official launch of the game. The company has made a lot of changes to the game to make it adapt to the Indian market and wants to make sure that the game becomes an instant hit in its category like it was before. 

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Since PUBG will be launching the game with the help of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud servers, one can be assured that they will fulfill all the security and privacy requirements that the Indian government is asking for. It was also noticed that developers were transferring data from PUBG Mobile to PUBG Mobile India servers as the users were greeted with an “account data migration” message.

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