PUBG could return to India with JIO as a publishing partner.

After the ban on Chinese apps in India, one of the most popular apps that got affected was PUBG. Although the app is not of Chinese origin, the publishing reight for India was with Tencent, which was a Chinese company. PUBG had millions of users in India before the ban and it severely affected their business. After the ban, PUBG broke its ties with Tencent in India and decided to look out for an Indian company that can take care of publishing the app in India. Now if you were a PUBG player, then this news might be a good one for you. 

PUBG’s corporation is in talks with the Jio platform to bring back the game to the country. If the talks go as expected and al the terms are properly set as per government guidelines, the game would come back with a  full-fledged long-term partnership with the Reliance Jio for the future. The news was leaked by The Hindu BusinessLine who mentioned that both the companies are currently in talk about bringing the game back in the Indian market. 

PUBG’s Corporation is looking for a long term plan in India and is very interested in associating with the local partner to make sure that they have a steady platform ahead. Although the talks are in a very early stage, and talks are going on various aspects of the deal, it is expected that the deal will end on a positive note. Also, if the deal works out, it will be a big deal for Jio in India as the country alone had 175 million downloads for PUBG. Also, it could lead to the addition of more elements and features to the game itself.


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