Facebook gets FaceID lock on iPhone for hiding chats

Facebook Messenger has been receiving many updates recently to increase the privacy and security of the application. Facebook has recently added a new set of privacy tools on the Apple iPad and iPhone. These new privacy features add the Face ID and fingerprint lock option to unlock the application. The update will soon be rolling out on all the Apple devices globally. The feature will give more security and privacy to all the chat content on the Messenger app.

Facebook has also confirmed that a similar feature is in development for Android smartphones and will be launched very soon. It is not the only development Facebook has been working on. The company also stated that they are trying to create a new interface for Facebook Messenger to get Instagram like controls for inbox and Messenger calls. 

The feature is still in development and testing and will be rolled out very soon. The App lock feature on the iPhone from Facebook will use the privacy setting from the Apple device, which will be fingerprint authentication and Face ID, which can be used to unlock the Messenger app. Facebook assures its users that any data regarding their fingerprint and Face ID will never be transmitted to their servers.

The App lock and privacy section will help the user customize the experience and choose the setting that suits them the best. Apart from the App Lock, the company is also working on new messaging and calling features on the application where the user will be allowed to pick users who can call them or message them. 


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