8 Best Apps To See Through Clothes For Android/iOS (2021)

See through clothes app: What if your mobile phone can become an X-ray machine and allow you to look through anyone’s clothes, would that be something? There are many see-through clothes apps that you can find on the app store and play store that you can download and install on your phone. Imagine, you can pull out your phone and can see through anyone’s clothes; It can be naughty and thrilling at times.

If you are getting curious and want to know which apps can do it, hold your horses. The technology is still far away from reality and would take a lot of time before your smartphone could do something.

But that wouldn’t stop you from playing such pranks on your friend, where they are terrified that you can look at them naked. There are a lot of different photos X-Ray apps, but they only add or edit the images to look like they have been taken through an X-ray device. These apps can create photos that are simply great to prank your friends.

It would simply replace a part of the photos and will make it look like it took a photograph of what you are wearing inside. Let’s look at the best of such apps that you can find on Android and iOS.

Below is the list of Best See Through Clothes App

Xray Cloth Scanner Simulator

see through clothes app simulator

It is a really fun app to play with and a great way to prank your close friends. Based on the person’s gender, you can add an image of the chest area, and it would appear that you have clicked a naked photo of that part. Clicking the photo of your friend’s torso will give you a pick with either a bra or chest hair. Imagine the reaction of your friend when they check out the photo. It will surely make them believe that the camera on your phone works as an X-ray machine.

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Xray Ghost Scanner

see through clothes iphone app

If your friends are afraid of ghosts, this is the perfect application to use and prank them. Imagine taking a photo of your friend, and suddenly a ghost appears in the background of the image, while no one else can see it. It is surely going to scare your friends to the limit. This see-through clothes iPhone app is one of the best apps for ghost pranks. Similarly, it will provide complete body scans as a skeleton to prank your friend.

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Body Scanner

body scanner to see through clothes app android

Out of the app to see through clothes, this one is fairly popular and a great way to prank your friend. The app is completely free to download and has been designed for some casual fun and pranks. The app will not provide a realistic-looking picture as another refined app would do, but it does a fairly good job. The pic taken from this app will provide a photo of a person as though they are bare naked. The user can select the samples of the torso that they want to add to their friend’s picture to add the naked X-ray effect. It comes with a photo album, which has content very similar to the content on adult websites.

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X Ray Full-Body Simulator

photo xray full body simulator app

When you add the word simulator to the application, it seems like it is similar to the original one and can confuse your friend, which is perfect for playing a prank on them. It is an app to see through clothes and provide a skeleton and bones’ image, similar to an X-ray machine. The images are very realistic and will surprise the person on whom you will play the prank. You need to specify the body part that needs to be scanned, and a realistic image will appear on the screen. Great to even prank your intelligent friends.

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Super Xray Camera

super xray photo app

It is one of the more realistic apps to see through clothes. It would give the results or scans in the form of a real video, rather than an image, making it more realistic and easy to believe in. Launch the app, and while you move the video recording camera on the person, it will record the subject in X-ray mode with every bone visible in the body. A great prank that would work much better on a specific targeted body part.

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Cloth Scanner Simulator

cloth scanner simulator

Imagine telling your friend that you have a photo Xray app through which you can click a picture of your friend and see what he is wearing inside. They will definitely laugh it off, but then you show them their picture with a half-naked body, and they are suddenly surprised with eyes wide open. It is the level of surprise it will bring to your friend.

The app will give you some options to select from like it will ask you the gender of the person and the part of the body you want to scan. The app library has a lot of pictures from bikini models and male models. It will scan the person’s body structure and add the body picture of the models, which is the closest match to the body, making it look more real.

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Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot

SexyBooth to see through the clothes

If you want to laugh with your friends, you need to have this app installed on your phone. The user will have to target the phone’s camera on the person, and the app will replace the body parts of the person with the body parts of a male or female model. It can make your friend look like having a bare naked body with six-packs as well. Who knows, he might enjoy the prank on your friend. Who doesn’t like to have a model’s physique or figure with their face on? The app is guaranteed to provide you with the most realistic looking images.

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Xray Body Scanner Simulator

xray body scanner simulator

It is one of the best see-through clothes app android market has. Unlike other apps that provide a picture of your friend naked or half-naked, it provides a picture of the bones and skeleton, like an actual X-ray machine. It is one app that is going to shock and surprise your friends. Once you start the app, it will ask you the person’s gender and scan them. Once clicked, it will provide an image of a skeleton, similar to what you get in an X-ray. It is surely one of the more realistic and fun apps to have.

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Conclusion: Best See Through Clothes App

These are some of the funniest apps one can use on a friend to play a prank and have some moments of naughtiness with their friend. However, before using such apps, please ensure that these apps are strictly meant for entertainment purposes only and no physical photo releases on unauthorized platforms. Therefore, get together with your friend and have fun with these see-through clothes apps.

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