14 Best Music Player For Android (FREE)

Music has always been a part of our life since the start and we are going to know the best music player for android users. Music is something that helps you to relax. It helps to cool you down and even can turn your sadness to happiness. Many great people say that the power of music to human minds amazes all.

Mostly everyone likes listening to music. You do it many times while commuting in a metro or train, even sometimes you listen to music while working or doing home chores. Some people even find it hard to take a shower without music. In short who doesn’t love music. Who wouldn’t love to know the list of the best android music player?

We like to listen to music based on our moods. In this case, everyone wants to make their own playlists. Here are several free music player apps for android mobile phones, where you can create your own playlists and enjoy music of all kinds totally free of cost.

Below is the list of Best Music Player for Android

Google Play Music

best music player for android

Google Play Music app is a free music player for android. It is fairly easy to use player because of its user-friendly design. It is one of the best music player for android in the play store market. If you want a music player to play songs randomly or you want to choose and play songs on your own, this player can serve the task.

Apart from this, you can also search a song by the artist, genre and album. You even get advanced equalizer settings in the sidebar. It even supports radio stations and podcasts. You can make a collection of over 40K songs in your personal playlist.

Music Player

Best Music Player for Android

This is another versatile one of the best music player app for android offered by Leopard V7. If you have a taste for both classical and modern style music, you must consider this one. It lets you save all the songs. You can easily search any song or can listen to songs based on artists, genre, and singer type.

Another crazy feature of this app is that you get both audio and video mode. Also, it supports headset and Bluetooth and comes with 22 custom backgrounds to choose from.

Deezer Music Player

Deezer Music Player Best App for Android

This is yet another best music player for android. Some of the features related to this music app are, it allows you to download music and listen to them in offline mode. You can even share your created playsuit with your friends. It provides equalizers and themes for customization.

It has a song base of about 53 million songs. It also supports podcasts and radio stations. The app automatically shows some songs as recommendations based on your search or playlist. It also likes some of the other free music apps that allow you to create your own shareable playlist.

The app comes with amazing and attractive themes, layouts, equalizers, and custom themed backgrounds. The app has a wide range of millions of songs from all genres and artists. It is lightweight and fast to play songs.

Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player Free App for Android

This app is also a considerable option. Pulsar music app is also a free music app for android. It has stylish features and an amazing appearance. It is a no advertisement music app, preventing you from boring ads in between your favorite songs. It also shows the lyrics of the songs.

You can even adjust the song’s play speed. It even supports Google’s voice commands. The app has inbuilt sleep timers and tag editing options.

BlackPlayer Music Player

best music player for android

Blackplayer music player is an unbeatable and awesome music player in the world of free music player for android. You will find every one of your choices in this music player. The theme is super easily customizable and you can easily swipe in between the songs.

Some of the features of this best music player for android are ID3 tag editors, and support for all MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC and all. You even get customizable themes, fonts, and animations. It supports 3 kinds of widgets.

Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player Ad Free Android

This is yet another free and decent playing music player app for android. It is a free music app that lets you enjoy your favorite songs and artists free of cost. You don’t need to worry about the ads in between the songs. This is an ad-free app for music playing for android. This app allows you to save the songs you like in another folder.

It allows easy copy and paste options of the songs and renaming is also possible. Another good feature of this free music app for android is that it can be used without an internet connection. It also shows the lyrics and queues of the songs. It has a lock screen too.


AIMP Best Music Player for Android

AIMP is another free app for music playing for android. It is another stylish music app with amazing features. It is a music app with many specialties. If you have an SD card and want to play songs, you can easily play it. Even the transfer of files and folders with this app is possible. It even supports OpenCL and CUe sheets.

It supports 29 kinds of band equalizers for suiting our amazing customizations. Sound balancing and controlling playback music is also allowed with the free music app. Also as some people prefer dark mode then light mode. The app supports custom variation for you to choose and change between dark and light modes.

Dub Music Player

Free Dub Music Player Android

Ddub Music Player is another free music player for android which provides amazing sound effects. It even provides features like bass booster and equalizers. It supports crossfade and crossfader. It offers pitch control features and speed control features for superb customizations.

The equalizers are so efficient that 9 different kinds of options you have from classical to hip-hop to rock. All music is supported by internal beautiful visual interference for your engagement.

Player Pro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player Android

This is another amazon featured best music player for android. This app is also lightweight and it is designed in a user-friendly manner. You can easily switch between different songs. It has a huge collection of songs based on artists, genres, and albums.

You can even create your own playlist in the music app. But the app has kind of default with advertisements, this is not an ad-free music app for android. You enjoy for the first 10 days, the ad-free version after that ads come up. Apart from this, the music player app is amazing, it even lets you search via voice search and google assistance.

You can easily connect your headset with the app and enjoy your favorite songs at no cost.

Lark Player

Lark Player Music App for Android

This is yet another free music player app for android. The app is too cute from its logo. Also, it is a peerless music downloader for android. It is a lightweight music app and is also designed in a user-friendly manner. You can easily create your personalized playlist in this music player app and listen to your favorite songs anytime anywhere.

You can even easily share your songs via the app on other social media like Facebook and Twitter. Another feature of the music app is that it supports all kinds of audio and video formats. And yes you also get inbuilt controls and equalizers.

Music Player – MP3 Player

Music Player MP3 Player App for Android

MP3 player is the next in the list of free music player apps for android. It is an extremely user-friendly app with easy control and switching between the songs. It even has an inbuilt feature to show the lyrics of the songs and duration of the songs. You can easily crop the music with the inbuilt music cutter in the app.

It lets you customize the theme according to your wish. The app includes built-in sleep timers and backgrounds for you to choose from. You even get suggestions for music based on your previous searches.

Music Player – just LISTENit, Local, Without Wifi

Music Player just LISTENit Local Without Wifi

This is the music player app for android offered by ShareIt technologies Co. Ltd. It is referred to as a versatile app for music playing in android. Using this app you can easily download songs for free and play them anytime anywhere at no cost. It is even a lightweight app with less burden on your phone.

The app offers features of customization, ringtone cutter, formatting of music files, and other. You can easily switch between the dark and light mode of the music app. The app has 23 equalizers and sound effects.


Poweramp Music Player for Android

The free version of this amazing app is a two-week trial after which you have to pay a minimal amount of rs. 60. If you are a nerd then this app might appear to be best for you. It has very advanced equalizer options and features. Some Of the features being playback, replay gain, and many others.

If you have a passion for music, then this app must be superb for you. But if you are only a casual listener, then this app is not recommended.

JetAudio HD Music Player

jetAudio HD Music Player Android

This is yet another music app for android. The app is very well designed for a user-friendly experience and it even allows you to download the songs. You can share your personalized playlist with your friends through WIFI.

With this app, you get 20 band equalizers and 32 equalizer presets. The app is user-friendly and easy to customize accordingly. It also provides 2 lock screens and 14 widgets.

Best Music Player for Android in Order – Our Picks 👌

We have listed all the best music player apps for Android, in no particular order. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

App Name Release Date Developer
Google Play Music November 16, 2011 Google
Music Player 08/01/2013 mytechnosound
Deezer Music Player 10/31/2008 Deezer Music
Pulsar Music Player 2018-02-18 Rhythm Software
BlackPlayer Music Player Nov 1st, 2020 FifthSource
Musicolet Music Player Apr 24, 2020 Krosbits
AIMP 8 August 2006 Artem Izmaylov
Dub Music Player May 30th, 2019 Dub Studio Productions
Player Pro Music Player Nov 12, 2010 BlastOn SA
Lark Player June 24, 2016 Lark Player Studio
Music Player – MP3 Player 07/04/2014 Apps10X
Music Player – just LISTENit, Local, Without Wifi May 20, 2020 SuperTools Corporation
Poweramp 1 November 2010 Max MP
JetAudio HD Music Player 24 May 2012 Team Jet


These are some of the best free music player apps for android in the market. Most of these support all the phones. Still, you can decide based on the different features which music player appears best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free Android music player?

A Free android music player app is something which you do not have to pay to listen to your favorite music. One of the best free music player for android is Google Play Music.

What is the best offline music player for Android?

Almost all music players can play music without internet on android. So choose the one from our list and try it out.

Which music app is better?

Spotify is the top rated music app. You may also try the Youtube Music for completely free music experience.

What is the best free music player?

VLC Media Player and AIMP are considered to be the best music players on Android

Is Google Play music high quality?

Google Play Music streams music in mp3 encoding at 320kbps, however your quality also depends on your bandwidth.

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