Google brings Google Lens to KaiOS

Google Lens has been one of Google’s most interesting features, which is currently present in all Android and iOS devices. One can simply point the camera to a written text in a different language and translate it into their native language. Recently Google has announced bringing Google Lens to phones running KaiOS in India. The KiaOS phones were phones with keypad, for which Google introduced Assistant in 2017. There was a dedicated voice key provided as Voice assistant help in such phones. Now Google will also add a new Camera translate button, which will provide direct access to the Google Lens features. 

google lens assistant for kaios

The button will open the camera lens, where the user will be prompted to picture the text. Once the user confirms the cropped image, Google will automatically translate it into a language you understand. The translation feature for KaiOS also provides a lot of Indian languages to choose from, such as Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, or Tamil, with Kannada and Gujarati, many of which will be coming soon.

The feature of Google Lens is now made available for KaiOS, where the core functionality remains the same, but the interface and a lot of other elements have been customized for the OS. Google has already added many other features to phones running on KaiOS, such as voice-enabled typing, voice-enabled language change, and other features like Google Maps and Youtube. 

Google has also partnered with Jio in India to bring affordable smartphones in India, based on the Android platform. They are creating new features that will remove any kind of boundaries people are facing due to language. With many users still using phones with keypads, it is essential to add services like Google Lens so that language becomes more accessible to everyone.

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