8 Best iOS Emulators for Windows | iPhone Emulator for PC

When it comes to working on an operating system, people have their own preferences depending on the type of work that needs to be done or the type of tools they have to use. However, with the increased usage of smartphones in the current times, users prefer to have all the applications and other resources on their smartphones as they can easily carry them with them.

One of such operating systems on smartphones that have gained immense popularity in terms of functionality and design is iOS. However, since the application for iOS cannot run on any other operating system, it becomes difficult for the users to use the same data and apps, especially when they have a desktop or a laptop working on a different platform or operating system.

For example, any app working on the iOS mobile operating system cannot work on Windows operating system. However, with the advancement in the features provided by these operating systems, it is now possible through ios emulator.

iOS Emulator

An ios emulator for pc creates a virtual environment of iOS on PC running Windows operating system and under that virtual environment, the users can run the iOS apps. It makes it easier for the users to work on the same data on devices running on different platforms. There is a wide variety of iOS emulators that you can choose from and most of them are free of cost for personal use.

It’s not the only iOS but emulators for other operating systems for mobile like Android are also found online. It is like running a completely different operating system on your PC with the same hardware. The iPhone emulator for pc does not have to be compatible with the hardware since it will run like software.

Using this ios emulator for windows one can download any iOS application on a Windows PC and use it like a normal app. So using this software one can easily have access to any software from iOS and run it on the Windows platform, which is otherwise impossible.

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Best iOS Emulators Online

Now there are a lot of different emulators in the market that you can find. As soon as you search for one, you will get a list of more than a hundred iOS emulators online. However, one needs to be alert on which one they might be using. Although most of them are genuine and will work the way you want them to, many are simply fake and can easily scam you.

While most of them will ask for money to unlock the functionality and will not provide any feature in return, many software simply install malware and virus in the system. It is why it becomes very important for a person to know which iOS emulator they should download and trust and which they should not. It is why we have checked and searched for the best ios emulator for windows 10 which you can trust and download for use.

While some of these free ios emulators are easily available, some might require you to unlock them for extra features. Let’s have a look at some of the best ios simulators for windows and see how this apple emulator for windows can make your life a lot easier by working on cross-platform machines.

Below are some of the Best iOS/iPhone Emulators for PC


SmartFace iOS Emulator

When we talk about iphone emulator for pc, Smartface has been one of the prominent names that have emerged among many. In terms of functionality and quality, it is one of the best iOS emulators in the market. Since it is a premium emulator, you will have to buy a subscription of $99 or above depending on the type of features you want to use.

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It would be recommended to download and use the free version of ios emulator for windows 10 and then go for the paid version if it suits your needs.

Download SmartFace iOS Emulator Here


iPadian iOS Emulator for PC

As the name suggests, this free ios emulator is a great tool for you especially when you are using an iPad and want to use the same on Windows PC. The ios simulator for windows can be used to replicate the iPad experience on a Windows PC and it is not heavy in terms of hardware specification requirements as well.

It is not only a popular emulator among people but also one of the most used by iPad owners.

Download iPadian Emulator Here


Appetize.io iPhone Emulator for PC

If you are searching online for apple emulator for windows, then you will certainly come across this name as well. This ios emulator is considered to be one of the best and premium iOS emulators in the market and is best used on a high-end Windows PC.

The software is free to use for 90 minutes which will give you enough time to test it. Once the time is over, you will be charged $0.05 per minute.

Download Appetize.io Emulator Here

AIR iPhone

Air iPhone Emulator for Windows

Air iPhone is an ios emulator for pc and enjoys a very positive rating from people who have been using it for a while. It already has half a million downloads showing the kind of popularity it has.

The software is for free and is considered to be very reliable in terms of functionality. You can simply download and install the iphone emulator for pc and start using it.

Download Air iPhone Emulator Here


iMame iOS Emulator for Windows 10

IMAME has existed for a long time and can easily run ios emulator for windows 10. The emulator is best suited for playing iOS games on Windows PC. Since it is a free emulator, the number of features available in it makes the software among the top choice in its segment. The emulator can even work on Windows 7 and 8 and will have no issues at all.

Download Imame Emulator Here


Xamarin Emulator

It is definitely not the most popular ios simulator for windows, but certainly one of the most recommended ones. The emulator is completely free to download and has some of the easiest functionality in its segment. The emulator is best suited to play iOS games and is one of the best in terms of providing easy controls for games on PC.

Download Xamarin Emulator Here

Ripple Emulator

Ripple Emulator

If you are looking for an iOS emulator which can run earlier versions of iOS on the WIndows PC as well, then your search ends here. This apple emulator for windows is one of the few iOS emulators that can run from iOS 1 to the latest version of iOS.

Not only this, but it will also help you run the older apps, which are no longer accessible on the new iOS version. The emulator works equally good on a PC with low-end configurations and is also one of the best free ios emulators out there.

Download Ripple Emulator Here

MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio Emulator

Among the first ones on the list is the MobiOne Studio ios emulator. It is not only one of the most popular emulators online, but also one of the most stable ones out there. It will easily work on your Windows operating systems and has one of the easiest usability.

This emulator can not only be used to play iOS games like PUBG and more but can also be used to install different iOS software and use them. However, one needs to make sure that their ios emulator for pc will only run if the PC has more than 10GB of space and 8GB or more of RAM.

Download MobiOne Studio Emulator Here


So these are some of the best and the most reliable iphone emulator for pc, which can be easily downloaded and used. Since these have already been used by thousands of users, they are reliable and can be used without any worry of data theft or virus.

Although most of them are free of cost, some of them require you to pay a subscription fee for advanced features. It is always recommended that you use the free version first and use the paid version only when satisfied with the free one.

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