8 Best Voice Changer for Discord in 2023

When it comes to online gaming and streamers, Discord is one of the most popular chat-based tools that is used for connecting with other players or to chat with your own team players. One of the most exciting ways through which one can use Discord is through voice. How many players have been using voice changer for discord which not only makes their voice and identity anonymous, but one has to admit that it is a lot of fun. Listening to your own voice in a different tone and other players not being able to recognize you add a lot of fun while gaming.

While some players use it to add a lot more excitement to the game, some players, especially streamers on platforms like Twitch, use it to keep their identity anonymous. While there are a lot of merits of discord voice changer, there are also reports for a lot of misuse as well. However, one cannot deny the benefits, voice changer adds to the platform.

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If you are trying to find the best voice changer for discord and are unable to find one, you will get the list of some of the best voice changers that you can get your hands on. These voice changer discords have already been used by many users and provide the best performance among hundreds listed on the internet.

Best Voice Changers for Discord

Once you start searching online for discord voice changer, you will be flooded with hundreds of options, where many are genuine and most of them are fake, which is either used to extract money from the users or just mess up your system when installed. Identifying a genuine discord voice changer is not easy, but we have done all the hard work for you and have found some of the best and the most trusted voice changers online.

AV Voice Changer Software

AV voice changer for discord

Now there are paid and free voice changer for discord online. If you are looking for a premium experience with a voice changer software that can provide you with multiple settings to create a more natural and unrecognizable voice tone, then this is the software to go for. This voice changer discord comes with three different plans that you can subscribe to and it provides professional, level of voice changing technology for the users.

It can be used on multiple platforms like Twitch, Discord and other VoIP platforms as well. The users get a lot of different options to edit and change their voice into different tones. The software is worth the value if you are looking for a professional level best voice changer for discord.

Download AV Voice Changer Software


Clownfish discord voice changer

If you are looking for a free voice changer for discord, then this would probably be the one you should be selecting. Clownfish is not only the most popular free discord voice changer, but also one of the most recommended. If you are looking for just a basic voice changer, then it will provide you with a lot of customizations.

It can be used on multiple platforms like Discord, Skype, Steam and many others. It can convert real time audio from any source and also helps the users to control the background microphone voice. It will also convert text to speech and convey them in the desired tone. Since it is absolutely free and easy to use, it is one of the best free voice changer tools for discord.

Download ClownFish


MorphVOX voice changer for discord

MorphVOX is one of the most heavily loaded voice changers for discord online. It provides the users with some of the best customization options and is also one of the easiest to work with. This discord voice changer can be accessed both in free and paid versions. It is always suggested that you download and use the free version before purchasing the paid version. While you will definitely like the free version, the paid version is totally worth it.

Download MorphVOX

VoiceMod Free Voice Changer

VoiceMod Free Voice Changer for Discord

Although most of the voice changer discord are specifically designed for Windows operating systems, this one has been created especially for Mac and Linux users. Not only Discord, but it also works on Skype, PUBG, Fortnite and many other platforms. Since it has been designed for Mac and Linux, it is very efficient and uses the least number of resources on the system.

It is one of the best voice changer for discord on Mac and Linux and also offers a wide variety of tools to the users for modification. It is completely free to download and the installation process is simple.

Download VoiceMod Free Voice Changer


VoiceMeeter free voice changer for discord

Now there are discord voice changer that can be used by any users, new or experienced. However, if you have experience in audio mixing and are looking for a more professional looking tool that does provide you with a higher level of editing and modification, then this is the premium tool to go for.

However, if you have no experience in audio mixing, then this is not the software for you as it would require technical expertise to operate. However, if you are versed with audio mixing, then this software is going to provide you with multiple options.

Download VoiceMeeter

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer for Discord

In case you want a light and easy to run voice changer for discord, then Voxal would be a great choice. Its biggest advantage is that the software is very light on consuming the CPU resources and can be easily used by the users.

The free version can be downloaded to get a hang of the features and then the premium version can be purchased for more customization with voice. It works on both Windows and Mac and has filters for changing voice in real time.

Download Voxal Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer

Discord Super Voice Changer

One of the easiest to use and install voice changer discord is Super Voice Changer. It works on multiple VoIP platforms like Twitch, Discord, Viber and a lot more. It has a wide variety of audio changing effects for the users to select from and is great to use for people who are not that technical friendly with software. The software is reliable and also free.

Download Super Voice Changer

Voice Changer with Effects

Discord Voice Changer with Effects

If you are using an Android smartphone, then this is the option you should go for while looking for a free voice changer for discord. Since it has been designed for Android, it is simple and easy to use. The navigation to features can be easily done by new users as well. The user gets a large variety of options to select from and has over 40 different sound effects. It also creates speech from text and can be used to set ringtones.

Download Voice Changer with Effects

Best Voice Changer for Discord List

  1. AV Voice Changer Software
  2. Clownfish
  3. MorphVOX
  4. VoiceMod Free Voice Changer
  5. VoiceMeeter
  6. Voxal Voice Changer
  7. Super Voice Changer
  8. Voice Changer with Effects


So, these are some of the best voice changer for discord that you can use to change your voice while gaming and also to keep your identity anonymous. These are either paid or free, but are the most commonly used and also the most popular in their category. All these voice changers in the list support a wide variety of platforms and will provide the users with ample options for changing the voice of the users. So, go ahead and enjoy them with Discord.

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