[FIX] Kernel Security Check Failure in WINDOWS 10

Kernel Security Check Failure: One of the most issues that Windows operating system users have been facing for ages has been the Blue error screen after which the computer crashes. The issues have been persistent with many different versions of windows and have occurred for many different reasons. Thousands of Windows users have reported the issue over years and for almost all of the common reasons that have been highlighted, Now there are multiple reasons due to which it can happen.

It can be a hard disk failure, a virus or malware, corrupted windows files, and many others.

One of the most common and repetitive issues that have emerged for this error has been kernel security check failure. There is still no definite reason as to why such an issue occurs as it could happen due to any change in the Windows operating system. The error would occur as “kernel_security_check_failure” on the screen with blue color.

The issue is basically related to memory or driver incompatibility most of the time. Here are some of the most common and effective ways through which this issue can be resolved and these techniques have been effective for many.

Below are Some of the Effective Ways to Fix the Kernel Security Failure in Windows

Run a memory diagnostic

kernel security check failure windows-memory diagnostic

Running a memory diagnostic is one of the most effective ways to resolve the kernel security check failure windows 10 issue. This makes the operating system check the memory for any kind of issues and corrupted data. One simply has to open the command window by pressing and holding the Win key and R key.

Once the windows are open, simply type mdsched.exe and press the Enter button. The system will immediately start to check for any kind of problem and will ask the user to restart the system to initiate the process. If the error is found, you will have to change the memory stick or the RAM

System Restore

kernel_security_check_failure - recovery

It is probably one of the best ways to resolve an issue of Windows 10 kernel security check failure on the Windows operating system. It is particularly efficient in cases where you realize that the issue started after you made some changes or installed or removed a program.

In this case, one can simply restore the Windows operating system to a date in the past before the changes were made. Doing so will restore the same setting that existed before the issue occurred, and will resolve the issue. To do so, one simply has to go to System settings, click on Update and recovery and click on Recovery.

From there the user can select the “Reset this PC” option and select what they want to keep while restoring to a past date.

Scan your system

scanning for kernel security check failure in windows

In case you are facing the issue of kernel_security_check_failure repetitively, it would be much better to scan your system with an antivirus program. It might be the case that a virus would have entered the system and would have corrupted the Windows file. Carrying out a full system scan would immediately show any kind of vulnerabilities that could be fixed immediately. Once done, check and observe if you face the same issue again.

Update your Windows operating system

windows 10 kernel security check failure - updates

This should be the first thing that you should do if you are facing a kernel security check failure. Sometimes, Windows operating systems have bugs and issues, especially after a new version is released. These bugs and issues are regularly fixed by Microsoft through updates.

Therefore, if you are facing any such issue on your Windows operating system, you should first check for any new updates. If there are any new updates, the system will download and install them to resolve any known bugs.

Check the memory devices physically

kernel security check failure - memory devices

It might not be a common reason for people to face the kernel_security_check_failure issue, but it is certainly one of them. Sometimes, the wire connecting the memory devices is loose or sometimes they are not plugged in all the way through. In this case, you need to check and plug in the wire which seems to be loose.

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If you still face the issue, you can try connecting them to the system using a different wire, which will confirm if the issue is with the wire or not. In case that works as well, try swapping the RAM or hard drives to confirm if the issue is still persisting. In case the issue still persists, then the memory is working fine and the issue is with another part.

Remove some recently installed programs

The issue of Windows 10 kernel security check failure mainly occurs when a new program is installed on the system and the drivers or files for the same have not been installed properly. When this happens, you will immediately start seeing the error on your system.

During this time, you can try uninstalling the recently installed programs and then check if the issue persists. You can simply go to the Control panel and select the option of Uninstalling a program to do so. You can also read our article to improve the performance of your Old windows PC.

Do not overclock your system

kernel_security_check_failure through overclocking

Overclocking is mainly done by users who want more from their system and mainly by gamers. However, we need to understand that overclocking the system adds a lot more pressure to it in terms of performance, using files, and resources. Therefore, if you have installed any overclocking software in the system, it would be best to uninstall it immediately.

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This software changes the settings of the windows file and causes the kernel_security_check_failure error. It will most probably resolve the issue you are facing.


So these are some of the best ways through which you can fix the kernel security check failure blue screen issue and work with your windows operating system as usual.

The issue is resolvable and the only thing that the user has to keep a check on is if the error has occurred due to any recent changes in the system. Using one of the steps and techniques mentioned above will surely resolve the issue permanently for you.

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