WhatsApp coming up with more new features

WhatsApp has been very prompt about new updates that they are planning to add in the app. The features can just be simple tweaks to make the app easy or a whole new feature. As per the recent updates, WhatsApp will bring more new updates and features from the parent company Facebook. The new update will bring features like Messenger rooms that will let you chat with over 40 friends at one time in a room. These rooms will allow the user to have a video conference with all the users in the room, just like Zoom or Google Meet. 

The same functionality has been updated on Facebook Messenger previously. The new update will also improve on the Advance search feature which is already in the beta stage and was previously available for iOS users. However, it will now also be available for Android users. The feature of animated stickers for iOS users has been really popular and will be soon released for Android users as well. Another feature that can be very useful on the WhatsApp application is the QR codes, which will be available for both iOS and Android. 

The feature allows you to share a QR code in form of contact instead of sending the phone number or other contact details. The user simply has to scan that QR to save the contact to the list, without having to manually save the phone number. All these features are currently either in the beta stage or are still in development, but will soon be launched on a global platform.

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