How to make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games to play across the world. It is why the game has the active engagement of millions of players anytime. One of the best features of the game is the amount of customization it provides. For example, the player can use blocks in a certain way or collect the material from these blocks to create a new block. The process to create a new block from the existing blocks is called smelting and can be used to create multiple types of blocks in the game.

The existing blocks in the game act as material or ingredients in the games which can be collected by the player and be converted or processed into an entirely new type of block. One of such things that you can use in Minecraft for creating new things is a furnace. It is basically a crafting tool that is made from eight blocks of cobblestone.

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Cobblestone blocks are some of the easiest to find and are in abundance in-game. A blast furnace in Minecraft is used to smelt the sand, food, stone, and other materials for something else. However, the process is a bit time-consuming. Users can use a Minecraft furnace to smelt different materials or blocks, but if they have a large quantity of material, then the process can become slower. It is why players often create more than a blast furnace in the game and use it for a faster smelting process. A blast furnace works twice as fast as a regular furnace in the game and is made of iron.

Therefore, users will have to find the block of iron in the game which is very commonly found. Using it, the player can build more than one blast furnace and speed up the smelting process. The blast furnace Minecraft can be easily created in the game using the following blocks.

  • Five Iron Ingots
  • A Furnace
  • Three blocks of smooth stone

However, getting them is not as simple. In order to get these in the game, you will have to craft them and you would need more blocks for that which will be going through the smelting process. Here is the list of things that you will require to craft these things.

  1. Five blocks of Iron
  2. Two blocks of coal
  3. Eleven blocks of stone to get cobblestone
  4. Now you will have to use the eight blocks of cobblestone to create a furnace and use the furnace to further smelt the remaining three blocks of cobblestone, which will convert to stone.
  5. Use the same stone and smelt it back in the furnace and you will get the smooth stone.
  6. You will now have a furnace, iron, and smooth stone that will be helpful in creating a blast furnace.
blast furnace minecraft

Crafting a Blast Furnace

With all the material available, the only thing that is left for you is to create the blast furnace Minecraft.

  • To start the process, you will first have to place the furnace in the middle square.
  • Now place the smooth stone that you crafted in the furnace in the bottom row.
  • Add the iron ingots to the remaining empty squares and you will be able to collect the blast furnace.


A blast furnace Minecraft is not only a great tool for crafting new objects but also smelt them even faster than a normal furnace. You as a player can smelt anything in it except cooking. It is of great use when you have to smelt, ore blocks, and create tools or armor.

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A blast furnace Minecraft is much more efficient and better in use than a normal furnace. It takes less fuel and uses all types of fuel like the furnace in the game. So this is how you can create a blast furnace in the game and create better armor for your player and smelt things at a much faster rate without spending more fuel.

However, make sure that you first need to create a furnace in order to smelt things and craft objects that will be used to create a blast furnace. So now you know how to craft a great armor, so get gaming and create a blast furnace right now.

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