How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

Minecraft is being played by millions of gamers and one of the most striking features of the game is the creation of different objects and materials. This not only increases the customization elements but helps the player to play the game in a unique way than others. Now there are a lot of different elements, materials, and things that can be found in the game like Iron, Cobblestone, Smooth stone, etc.

All these materials are basically used in building objects, armors, and buildings. To the world of Minecraft, Concrete was added in 2017 and since then it has become one of the primary materials used by players to build objects and buildings in the game.

Compared to other materials in the game, it looks much smoother and is considered better than cobblestone, stone, and even smooth stone. It not only makes the building look more aesthetic but more attractive as well. You might often be thinking about how to make concrete in Minecraft, as it does not occur naturally in the game.

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You will have to craft concrete using certain objects and then use the concrete for building. Now, it can be created with the help of some blocks but the most important ingredient in making it is the dye. Without the dye, you will not be able to create concrete in the game. Also, the dye will be the deciding factor in determining the color of the block.

Crafting Concrete in Minecraft

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

Since concrete does not emerge naturally in the game, users are often searching for things like how to make concrete in Minecraft. The only solution to it is crafting concrete using different materials available in the game. The best thing is that it uses commonly available blocks to craft concrete that you can find easily in the game. The concrete blocks will always be created in a stack of eight blocks and to create it, you will need

  • 4 blocks of sand
  • 4 blocks of gravel
  • 1 dye of any color you want the concrete blocks to be colored in

Once you have all three items, you can simply add them without any order and you will get the concrete blocks. The most important component in the concrete block is the dye, which is available in the game in 16 different colors. Therefore, your concrete blocks can be created in all these available colors. However, getting these dyes from the existing things in the game is tricky. It is why we will tell you which color of dye you can get from a specific object.

Colors of dye in Minecraft

When people search online for “how to make concrete in Minecraft”, they often get the details that the dye is the most important component in making concrete as it decides the color of the block when concrete is created. Listed below are the different sources you can get the color dye from.

  • Black dye can be obtained from an ink sac that you can get from a squid, or a whiter rose on a crafting table.
  • Blue dye can be obtained from Lapis Lazuli or Cornflower
  • Brown dye can be found in cocoa beans on the crafting table
  • Cyan Dye can be obtained from blue and green dye or using Lapis Lazuli and green dye on the crafting table
  • Grey dye is obtained from mixing black and white dye or Ink sac and white dye
  • Green dye can simply be created by cooking cactus in furnace
  • Light blue can be created from Blue orchid
  • Light gray dye can be obtained from Azure Bluet or Oxeye Daisy or White Tulip
  • Lime Green dye is created with sea cucumber by cooking it in furnace
  • Magenta can be obtained from Iliac or Allium, or mixing purple and pink dye, red, pink and blue dye or mixing red, blue and white dye
  • Orange dye is obtained from orange tulip or combining red and yellow dye
  • Pink dye is obtained from Peony or pink tulip. One can also mix red and white dye for the same
  • Purple dye is made using blue and red dye or red dye with Lapis Lazuli
  • Red dye is obtained from Poppy, or red tulip, or beetroot, or rose bush
  • White dye is created from bone meal or lily of the valley
  • Yellow dye is created from Dandelion or sunflower on crafting table

So these are all the different types of dyes that can be created on the crafting table to get the desired colors from the concrete blocks. You can use any of them or collect the resources from the game which can be easily found. Once you have a dye, a perfect colored concrete block can be made.


So the next time you search for “how to make concrete in Minecraft”, you will know the entire method through which it can be created. Concrete blocks always have a color and require a dye of any color. It is why you cannot create it without a dye. It does not have no color option. You can use any die you want along with other material that is required to build concrete blocks and create beautiful buildings and other structures using it.

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