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It might happen that you come across a video on Youtube that you might like, and want to share the same experience with your friends and family. However, when they are in a different location, there is no way of watching the video together at the same time. However, there are ways and tools that can help you watch Youtube videos remotely with friends and family.

YouTube video

This is specifically a great way to spend time with your loved one in the time of the pandemic and lockdown. The technique will work regardless of the device you are using as the only requirement for this is a web browser. Just follow the steps below and you will be able to share and watch the Youtube videos together with your friends and family.

  • Visit the website and select the “Create Your Room” option. It will create a virtual room for you and your friends to watch the video together.
  • You will be able to see the default list of Youtube videos to watch here, which can be changed using the gear icon on the top right. Clicking on it will give you the option of managing a playlist, where you can create a new playlist as well.
  • Now use the search bar on the top to search for any youtube videos and add them to the playlist. Also, you can go to, copy the link of the video, and paste them in the search bar of your account to add the video to the playlist.
  • Now you simply need to invite people, by clicking on the plus icon on the bottom right, which will give you a link, which can be shared on any platform with other users. The same area also has a camera icon, in case you want to share your video and audio, allowing you to video chat.

Clicking on that link will take users to your virtual room where you can watch videos together. It will allow you to share your experience and favorite videos with everyone.

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YouTube video

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