How To Fix A Chromebook That Won’t Turn On (Tutorial)

If you have a Chromebook and it is not turning on all of a sudden then you do not need to panic. You will find that the notification LED will be working but the laptop does not turn on. In this case, you might come across various ways to resolve the issue. However, not all of them are effective, and finding the one that works among them is difficult and time-consuming.

Here we will share some tricks that will not only turn on your Chromebook but will make it work like before. However, before using the method make sure that your Chromebook is charging properly and that no data will be lost using this technique. Just follow the steps mentioned below in the correct order and your Chromebook will be working in no time. 

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  • Press down the “Refresh” and “Power Key” together for almost 10 seconds, after which you will see the notification lights have turned off. The “Refresh” button will be placed above the numeric key 4 in the top row.
  • Once the LED notification light is turned off, press down the Power Key only for 10 seconds.
  • After pressing down the key for ten seconds the Chromebook will turn on.
  • In case, it does not work, plug in the charging cable again to turn on the notification or LED light. Once that turns on, repeat step 1 again and the Chromebook will turn on.

Hope this technique helps you to use the Chromebook again. This technique is totally safe for your data and system.

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