How To Get 100GB of FREE Google Drive Storage

Cloud storage is the most interesting and used technology in recent times, where every company is providing users with free cloud storage. The only disadvantage of free cloud storage is less space, due to which one cannot store a large number of files. However, there is a way through which one can get 100GB of free Google Drive Storage without even having to spend a single penny.  We all know that Google Maps provide location and information given by people who might have visited the place. These users confirm the location and add photos for the same as well.

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These user contributions make Google Maps more accurate and usable. A user who adds these details are known as Local Guides. Since you are contributing to Google services, you will be rewarded for the same, which in this case is Google Drive Storage. For this, one simply needs to add more images for the location, write a detailed review about the place and answer other users’ questions about the same place.

The question could also be prompted by Google regarding the place and facilities it has. Apart from that you can add the accurate location and edit wrong locations as well. Once you do these activities, you earn points after Google verifies it. Now Google will reward you based on five different levels. 

  • Level 1: For 0 to 4 points you get a free Google workshop and monthly newsletter.
  • Level 2: For 5 to 49 points you get a local guide budget and access to the LG community.
  • Level 3: For 50 points to 199 points, you get a local guide budget and access to the LG community.
  • Level 4: For 200 points to 499, you will get the Free Google Drive storage with eligibility to be featured as a local guide.
  • Level 5: For 500+ points you will be allowed to test Google products and attend a local guide summit.

So simply going to level 4 will get you the 100GB of Free Google Drive Storage. So start contributing to Google now. Go to, and select “My Contributions” in the menu to start right now.

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