Top 10 Best Money Making Apps in 2023

Best Money Making Apps: Be it someone who is currently working on a job or trying to run a business; people are always looking out for ways to earn extra bucks. Our smartphone has become a part of our life, and there is nothing that you cannot manage through it. So why not use the mobile application to earn money. Yes, there are multiple apps in the digital market right now, which can provide you with unlimited opportunities to earn hard cash. It won’t make you rich overnight but can seriously help you generate side income.

There are many different money making apps on both the Android and iOS platforms, which are very easy to operate and do not require one to possess any special knowledge. We have found a few best apps to earn money, these apps are genuine and you can trust them.

Since we always have our smartphones, it is the only thing we use in our idle time. The same time can be used to work on such an application and earn money simultaneously. Different kinds of money-making apps would pay you for speaking and translating, uploading pictures, completing surveys, and even playing games.

Playing games has been one of the best ways to spend your free time. Imagine when someone gets cash for playing such games. New age smartphones and operating systems such as iOS and Android have opened up immense possibilities for app developers to create such applications. We can see the emergence of many great money-making apps in the last few years.

However, among the large group of such apps, some are fake and are created for frauds and hacking users’ data as well. Therefore, being able to differentiate between such applications is one of the most important things. In this article, we will share the list of top 10 money-making applications, which is genuine and will pay you regularly. You can download the apps and start making money online immediately. The more time you would spend on such apps, the higher would be the money earned.

Below is the List of Best Apps to Make Money

Swagbucks: Earn through surveys

Best App to Make Money Online

When it comes to online earning or earning through apps, one of the oldest and the most trusted ways is through filling the surveys. Surveys to earn money have been one of the most popular ways globally. They are run by many surveys and advertising agencies to know users’ opinions on a certain product or topic. Swagbucks is one such app, through which you can earn money in six different ways. Not only this, as soon as you sign up, but you will also be rewarded at $10.

When you answer the short surveys in the app, you will be awarded SB points. You can also earn these points by watching videos, shopping online, playing games, and searching the web. These points can be used to claim gift cards or redeem them for real cash. They have A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating and has paid $166 million to users so far.



If you love to shop online, this is the app through which you can turn this habit into a money-making routine. However, this app only pays the user in the form of gift cards and not in hard money. You can use the shopping cards to shop on various other platforms. Once you install the app, it will ask you to do some tasks you will be awarded.

The task can be as simple as walking into an eligible store with no purchase necessary, selecting products or scanning the barcode, using Shopkick linked Credit cards, viewing product listings on online retail stores, watching videos, and making purchases. Most of these tasks do not ask you to make any purchase and provide you rewards for free.

Ibotta-Cash Back Rewards


It is another shopping app that will provide you with lots of rewards for shopping and doing various tasks. There are three ways through which you can earn in this app. Whenever you buy an eligible item, add the receipts on the app, link a loyalty card from the store to get unique offers, and you can also buy eligible items through the app itself. As soon as you complete a task, you will get the reward instantly. The rewards can be directly transferred to your bank account as cash.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

When it is Google, you know that it can be trusted. Google Surveys is one of the most trusted sources to earn money through small and short surveys. The surveys are mainly used to know about the user experience or app experience. The app has been created by Google to collect the data from users to make their applications and services better. In return, they would pay you money after every survey.

The payment can be taken through Paypal or can even be transferred to Google Play Credit, in case you want to buy any apps, movies, or ebooks from their platform.



What if an app can pay you to keep yourself fit. If you are surprised by just its thought, then the application Sweatcoin will blow your mind away. Instead of spending money to keep yourself fit, the app will pay you to be fit. The only catch to this is that you will be paid in the form of Bitcoins.

You need to install the application and keep it running in the background while you walk. On every 1000 steps, the app will pay you 0.95 sweatcoins, which can be redeemed for goods and bitcoins.



It is another similar app like Sweatcoin that will pay you rewards for every thousand steps that you take. The reward points can then be used to redeem goods, discount coupons, and even their merchandise. The app’s goods can be bought for fewer SG coins(their virtual currency) and can be easily earned.

The app’s good thing is that it will increase the points earned per thousand steps after you complete a certain amount of steps for a few days in a streak. It will increase your level, which will also increase the coin earning capacity.

Ebates (Rakuten)


It is one of the oldest apps that can be used to make some extra money easily. The platform was founded in 1999 and has paid over one billion USD in cashback records till now. It can be used as an app and also as a browser extension. It allows users to earn a certain amount of cashback on purchases from eligible retailers.

Cashback ratio could be 1-2% of the price that you pay, with sometimes the cashback reaching even 10%. It also evaluates coupons online to make sure that you get the best price on your purchase.

Mypoints – Cashback Rewards


It is one of the easiest apps that the user can operate when it comes to cashback rewards. The app will provide you rewards for just opening the application daily. The app does provide every user with free $10 cash on new user signup, and then one can open and use the app daily to accumulate points, which can be used as gift cards or exchange for money.

It simply makes you complete a small task on the mobile app, which only takes a few minutes.



If you are looking for more about investments and saving money, then this is the app for you. It will provide you guidance and options for retirement investments and future savings. It helps the user to make the right type of choice while investing their money in the future. It also provides a $5 Signup bonus to every user.

You can also add more money to the app and then try to invest in different options that it provides you. You can make long term to short term investments using this application.



If you like taking photos and videos and making money through that, this is probably one of the best sources to do so. This app lets you upload your images and videos to the account, and when your work is purchased by any brand, agency, or another user, you will be given 50% of the profits.

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The app also provides the user’s opportunity to upload pics for a specific project to earn up to $100 for one approved image.

Conclusion: Best Money Making Apps

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These are some of the best and the most genuine money making apps on the smartphone that the customer trusts and have already paid millions in amount. These apps can be a great way for people to earn side income while using smartphones in their idle time. Please check all the apps that make you money and stay away from fraudulent apps. If you always carry your smartphone and are indulged in it, then these money-making applications could be a great money maker for you.

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