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WikiWax is the Wikipedia of tech news, reviews, and more and has everything tech that you might be looking for. The website has all the latest news and reviews on tech, gaming, videos, etc. The Top List category has a list of top tech articles from various genres. These include articles of the most searched and most viewed articles. Articles that have attracted the interest of the viewers and have helped them in various topics. The top list has a lot of different articles for you to read. Be it the latest tech review or review of any latest smartphone and product, you will find all of it right here.

It does not matter if you are searching for applications based on iOS, Android, best-selling games, most popular websites, and more, the Top List page on Wikiwax has it all. From the list of most popular games to its expansion, applications to its upgrades, you have it all. All the top list articles on Wikiwax are selected by tech experts, which list only those articles which have the highest relevance. These articles are some of the most searched on Google and also some of the most viewed on the website. Let's have a look at the different kinds of categories it provides for you to look at. 

Android Apps

Android Apps Category

There are currently millions of Android apps on the internet and Google Play Store. Searching for some of the best apps from various android app categories is not an easy task, especially when you have to search among thousands of apps. All the top list articles that are posted in the "Android Apps" section are some of the most popular and also some of the most downloaded. All the apps mentioned in this sub-category of the "Top Lists" page have some of the most secure and popular Android apps.

There are multiple categories in Android apps and you will find articles for all these categories. Such as the best android games, best drone apps, best app or virus cleaners, best music players, and a lot more. The sub-category will allow you to see an entire list of Android apps, which are selected as they are the best in their segment. Therefore, you do not need to search the Google Play Store and keep looking at the ratings of the app to get the best one. You can simply visit our Android Apps section in Top Lists on Wikiwax and get the details on some of the most popular apps.


Gaming Category

Games are loved by almost everyone and are one of the most popular categories searched on Wikiwax. The gaming industry has evolved, from only a few releases a year to hundreds of releases in a year. Although it was mostly consoling earlier, the segment slowly expanded into smartphones and different types of consoles. Now, there are so many games, updates, and add-ons coming up every day, that knowing about all of them is difficult. However, with the gaming category of the Top Lists page, you will have the most important gaming news on hand.

The Gaming category lists down some of the most popular games on all platforms like PC and consoles. Not only the article related to top games but also some of the most popular articles. The segment has some of the best articles and most viewed by viewers, related to some of the most relevant game-related searches on the internet. You will get all the important news and details about some of the most popular games right over here.

iOS apps

iOS Apps Category

Just like Android apps, the "Top Lists" page also has an iOS Apps category that provides the details of the most popular apps on iOS devices or iPhones. The category is vast and has all the articles which provide details about the top apps in various segments. The article provides the top app on iOS for streaming movies, photo printing, and a lot more. If you own an iPhone and are looking to download and install only the most popular app in a certain segment, then this category under the Top Lists page is the one to watch out for.

The articles in this segment select some of the best iOS apps among the thousands of apps available on the App Store and also considers user reviews to list the best among the lot. 


Softwares Category

Like all the other categories on the Top List page, this page consists of articles that provide you with details about some of the top software. These are some of the most viewed and commented upon articles by viewers. These articles help the users to download and install only the most popular software that is needed from a segment. All the software mentioned in the articles is those which have the maximum positive review by the users and have been popular for providing an easy-to-use UI.

The Software category in the Top Lists page provides the details of software under various segments like Webinar software, CRM software, discord software, Emulator software, and a lot more. With more and more articles added frequently, it will provide you with the latest details of which software is one of the most popular in its segment. The articles provide the details of the software which is available for both Windows and Mac and can be easily downloaded to install.


Websites Category

There are a lot of different websites that provide free software and other resources which can be useful for the users but cannot be easily found under the group of spam websites. The Website section on the Top Lists page, lists all the top articles on Wikiwax, which provides details of all valid and secure websites that provide a lot of things for free. For example, free ebooks, websites to watch movies and sports, etc.

These websites have been existing for a long time, and have been listed in the article based on the customers' reviews. It is why the sections on the Top Lists page list down all the important websites that provide free resources.

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